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Adaptive Solution Sales and Business Supplies Company provides a variety of innovative and comprehensive ICT solutions. We deliver quality services in the most efficient way, and our experts will work collaboratively with you to customize our offerings to your particular needs. Book a meeting with one of our consultants to hear more about how we can assist in your business or residential requirements.


Our IT solutions carve the path for organizations to modernize infrastructure and optimize workflow like never before. This service provides a wide variety of technological capabilities to boost efficiencies, enhance security and allow infinite scalability for future growth. With this resource and our expertise, we’ll help maximize your organization’s productivity.

Service listing:

  • Hardware sales

  • Software sales

  • Set-up, configuration and installation services

  • Delivery

  • Help-desk

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Device maintenance 

  • Device repairs

  • Risk assessments

  • Audits

  • Consultancy Services

  • Solutions Design & Architecture


Like in the business and corporate world, achieving technological excellence in our homes are essential more now than ever before. 

We need to be prepared to work from home, to facilitate home-schooling and at the same time, have the ability to enjoy entertainment. 

Our homes constantly require reliable network connections due to the amount of smart devices we install. From CCTV camera systems to smart bulbs, smart garage doors and gates as well as remote monitoring and printing etc.

Some examples of what we do

  •  Supply, deliver and set-up personal computer devices such as tablets and laptops

  • Supply, deliver and configure printers

  •  Supply, deliver and configure routers, access points, range extenders and switches

  •  Supply, deliver and install smart devices such as smart bulbs, smart cameras, home security systems and smart switches etc.

  • Supply, deliver and configure CCTV camera systems

  •  Supply, deliver and install smart TV's, home theatre systems, game consoles

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